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2020... A year in pictures

There has been a lot of talk about 2020 being a year to forget, but I'm afraid that for pretty much all of us it will be a very difficult time to forget. It's hard to know where to all started pretty well, I had a good start to the year, some gorgeous weddings to look forward to shooting in the Spring, enquiries coming in, and I got to see the 1975 in Nottingham with my eldest daughter not long before it all changed.

Then the postponements came in, everything shifted to the end of the year, enquiries trailed off into the ether and things started to look a bit bleak for my little business. For my family life though, once we had navigated the empty supermarket shelves and the endless queueing, things were very different, the weather was amazing, my youngest took to wild swimming after her zoom lessons at school, we even managed to squeeze in a couple of little holidays in Devon. We met friends in our gardens in the sunshine for drinks and looked forward to the end of the year when we thought it would all get back to normal.

As we all now know, that wasn't to be. The postponed weddings turned into ping ponging emails from worried brides, changes being made all the time, receptions being cancelled, numbers of guests reduced, last minute rearrangement of dates, weddings being brought forward at short notice, the stress of lockdowns looming and possibly more postponements.....and the weddings themselves being very different, guests in masks, me shooting in a mask and glasses brought difficulties with everything steaming up and not being able to see what I was shooting!! being restricted on my movement and how close I could get to couples and guests, the list goes on and on...

But we did it. You did it. Suppliers, couples, guests, venues, registrars, caterers, make-up artists, florists...everyone pulling together to make those weddings happen and for them to be the wonderful days that they were.

I ended up shooting only 3 weddings this year, there should have been many more. But the ones that happened were all completely awesome.

So, as we enter into 2021 and still with things uncertain, who knows where we will be this time next year, but I really hope couples can get back to planning their days without stress and the worry of postponements and cancellations, that they will be able to celebrate with all their friends and family and that all of us who work in the wedding industry can have peace of mind once again that the jobs that we all love are safe, and that humans can hug (not just at weddings!) and that we can all dance....

Happy New Year

love Cat


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